You’ve arrived here for a good reason, however:

“If You Don’t Have an Interest in Improving Your Lifestyle?

…then please, read no further!”

My time is precious, so I don’t want to waste a moment attempting to convincing someone with a closed mind. In that same time, I could show 20 others exactly how they can fill their life with daily happiness, contentment and a lifestyle you could only dream of.

The choice is yours…

You’ve arrived here for a good reason, however:

“If you already have a perfect lifestyle?”

…then this won’t be for you!

However, if you recognise you still have a way to go, I know you will like what follows. Regardless of age, sex or circumstance, I’m about to introduce you to a very definite shortcut to your success and achievement. It will provide you with a huge competitive advantage in your life, as well as wall to wall happiness and contentment.  

Just keep reading…

As your still reading, I presume and hope I have captured your interest.

Now I want to WOW you! Please spare me 10 minutes of your time and if you don’t have the time to read now, make a firm commitment to come back and do so later. – You’ll be so glad you did; I promise.

I’m about to show you the simple solution of dramatically enhancing EVERY aspect of your present lifestyle, including your present income stream, or the lack of it.

Let’s get serious.

Reading every word of what follows will totally transform your life if you act upon it.

If you’re not yet where you want to be in life, you’re going to need to make some adjustments before the magic is likely to begin happening. It’s a simple recipe, and the sooner you begin, the quicker you will start to reap the harvest. Success at anything is about change and consistent adjustment until your life moves steadily towards where it is you want to be.

Imagine how quickly your life would improve if you developed and assimilated the same positive daily habits like those of the successful achievers in life. Think about that possibility for a moment! Quite simply, you would be able to do almost anything and become the person you have always desired to be in every aspect of your life.

It’s not a change which will happen overnight.

But you can do it, anyone with specific objectives and firm intentions can, and positive change will begin to happen far more quickly than you ever imagined possible. Your rewards will shadow you and trail close behind.

"Patience is a virtue!"


Why aren’t more people doing this?

Simple, they’re overwhelmed, confused and have no idea where to begin. If you knew where to begin, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

Where to start and what will work have always been stumbling blocks.

Most individuals with big ambitions in life have stalled, and now they’re simply treading water. Unfortunately, most will continue to do so for the rest of their lives without advancement! This or they’ll keep on doing the same old thing, and in return continually get the same old results!

Without change, things either stay the same or even deteriorate.

Many individuals spend their entire life continually struggling and scratching, and ALWAYS have too much month left at the end of their income, and worry and fear is their constant companion, but it doesn’t have to be like this.

There are two main reasons why this happens:

First: Most individuals are overwhelmed just managing their job expectations, daily life and family, and as a result, are just getting by. More importantly, they don’t know what to do first to advance their life, or know for certain what will work for them. If they did, or they had a role model to emulate, their outcome would be very different.

Second: and far more important, although most don’t recognise this fact, they lack personal self-confidence and for that reason, rarely, if ever, try anything new. Those who do so generally begin with far less than the required 100% belief of arriving at a successful conclusion, and as a result usually fail miserably. Without 101% belief that you can’t fail, you’ll be committing suicide and constantly sabotaging your potential!

Just knowing this fact is a HUGE advantage which may put you in top gear!

I hope I have raised your curiosity because now I’m going to present the simple and fun solution.


Why have I called it the ‘Laptop Lifestyle’? The reason is simple, my particular lifestyle is quite insular by choice. I most enjoy working from the comfort of home and use my laptop computer and the Internet to connect and engage with the outside world. Armed with my trusty Asus (computer make), I can work from virtually anywhere in the world I choose, so I feel the title is quite fitting and very memorable.

Anyone, including you, can lead a similar or a much-improved lifestyle. Especially if you’re prepared to commit to ongoing effort to establish your own profit stream or streams, then you’ll be cooking on gas.

The method or technique you choose to generate your income stream doesn’t need to be as insular as mine, or even remotely similar. There are literally thousands of different tried, tested, and proven ways and methods of establishing your income streams. Some will also provide residual income streams and fit you better than a tailor-made suit of clothing. All you have to do is find one, or even two, which you enjoy (this is essential) get behind them and make them your own. Start part-time and watch them grow and then watch the magic begin to happen.

Finding profit stream potential is an important and extremely time-consuming aspect of leading your life on your terms, and this is where the ‘Laptop Lifestyle’ will do most of the heavy lifting for you by keeping you constantly fed with new income-generating potential tips, ideas and methodology, as well as keeping you motivated and inspired to keep moving forward. 

If you’re serious about improving your lifestyle, this inexpensive weekly newsletter will be one of your most important tools and resources for achieving happiness, success, and a live it on your term’s lifestyle.

"Why This and Why Now!

For many years I mentored, wrote, and spoke regularly on this precise subject.

Then in February 2020, at the age of sixty-three, I decided it was time for a change, and my niece took over managing my main businesses and income streams, and I (laughingly retired).  I began writing instead for the entertainment of myself and others, books, stories, essays and screenplays, and I’m having a great time doing so.

However, hardly a day passes without at least one, often many, related emails land in my inbox requesting mentoring or asking questions on this very subject. As lockdown and COVID-19 worsened, the volume of emails increased. People began realising that relying on others or a job for generating their income was a poor strategy to follow.

SUDDENLY, the need for this type of reliable information became huge!

I wanted to help, but I certainly didn’t want to go backwards in life either or want a full-time commitment, as I am very happy writing and with my retirement career.

I considered the possibilities for many months and knew that there was a way to make this happen and become a win-win no-lose scenario. The solution became obvious, and I decided upon creating a weekly subscription email newsletter. This meant, unlike mentoring, which is expensive, the newsletter would offer great value and be available to anyone without the cost being an inhibiting factor.

  1. The costs would be small and inconsequently!
  2. The benefits would be big and many!
  3. The possibilities are endless!

Best of all, once the website and newsletter had been created, I would enjoy writing the weekly content, and it would seamlessly fit in with my new lifestyle.


Well, as you’re still reading, this would be the perfect time to experience the newsletter for yourself! Subscribe below and an explanatory showcase ‘Laptop Lifestyle’ Newsletter will arrive in your inbox shortly afterwards.

Money isn’t everything!

Not until you don’t have any, or enough to live your life as you desire, or deserve.

Then it becomes EVERYTHING!

Below is a brief list of what you’ll discover in the newsletter:

How to:

  • Live your life on your
  • Feel happy and fulfilled every day.
  • Have far more discretionary free time.
  • Spend time with your family, or just doing what you want to do.
  • If you have a family, you’ll be in a position to watch them grow.
  • Increase your income – starting very part-time.
  • Get started on any budget, or even no budget at all.
  • Work from home or anywhere you want, at times which suit you and your family.


You’ll discover how to:

  • Establish an income stream which you’ll enjoy so much you’ll look forward to Monday mornings as much as Friday evenings and returning home from vacations as much as going on them.


It’s not just about money!

However, what would additional income do for you and your family?

It could buy:

  • Family security for those unforeseen
  • Many luxuries you and your family
  • Exotic holidays and long weekends away.
  • Pay off your
  • Allow you to renovate your home.
  • A bigger and better home.
  • A second holiday home in the sun.
  • Fly first or business class.
  • An upgraded car.
  • An additional family car.
  • Have more nights out.
  • Allow you to stop worrying about money.
  • Live a lifestyle you have only dreamt of.
  • Allow you to help others.


The ‘Laptop Lifestyle’ newsletter is about having:

  • More time.
  • More happiness.
  • More money.
  • More life!

"Cost is NOT a Consideration!

The ‘Laptop Lifestyle’ newsletter is:

A gift and investment in yourself which will go on giving for the remainder of your life!

I have already told you that the newsletter is inexpensive, and in return for a small monthly investment will deliver amazing returns, just so long as you use it.

Right now, and I don’t know if this cost will increase in the future? The locked-in all-inclusive cost for this weekly publication is just:

 £9.99 per month, 

or equivalent in your currency?

"Get Started Immediatly!

What’s most important to you in life?

Right now, in the UK for that same £9.99 you’ll get very little in return, and certainly, nothing which will come close to showing you the tricks to consistently improving your lifestyle four times every month.

Below, and to put things into perspective, are a few items of similar value.

You could buy:

  • A family-sized pizza if you collect it yourself.
  • A drive through Mc Donald for two people.
  • An automated wash and wax for your car.
  • One hand of your fingernails manicured and made to look beautiful.
  • Two- and a-bit pints of beer at the local pub.
  • It’s unlikely to pay your phone bill, perhaps 50% or 75%
  • The list goes on…

Or you could invest in your future happiness and lifestyle.

"Something Important!

If you’re wondering exactly why you should listen to me, (and I hope you are!) and what exactly makes this newsletter different? I have put this section together, especially for you! There are many positive reasons, and what follows are just a few of the main ones.

What I’m not:

  • I wouldn’t ever claim to be a guru.
  • Nor am I multi-billionaire. The financial wealth I have accumulated is irrelevant because I’m not you, so I won’t use this to leverage your decision.
  • In my humble opinion, I believe I have achieved something far more valuable than just financial wealth.

“True wealth is being able to live your life as you desire!”

The achievements of which I am proud:

  • I have established my own unique lifestyle.
  • It’s an unorthodox way of living which has become the envy of so many.
  • For almost the past 40 years, I have lived my life on MY terms.
  • Apart from my wife, I don’t have a boss, and neither do I need to commute.
  • I have a true passion and enthusiasm for my work.
  • I only do the things I want to do when I want to do them.
  • I’ve always had as much free time as I needed or wanted.
  • I am and have always been there for my family when they need me most.
  • I live a deliriously happy and engaging lifestyle, working from the comfort of one of our two beachside homes on different continents of the globe.
  • I don’t have any fears or worries surrounding finance.
  • I am one of the most positive and focused individuals you will meet.
  • I believe I possess the secret of living a truly contented lifestyle.
  • Sharing the tips and techniques of success consumes me.

You’re absolutely correct to be suspicious and cautious because your most valuable investment is not the almost irrelevant cost of becoming a subscriber, but your time and trust. For that reason, if you have any questions which need answering before proceeding further, I invite you to allow me to answer them for you. This link will take you to my contact page.

"This was a surprise!

Quite a revelation:

It was only more recently did I first realise what others wanted most in life was not money, but a lifestyle like mine, or better. That’s why I developed and created the ‘Laptop Lifestyle’ newsletter to help you, and those who have to desire to do so advance in their life.

I have successfully spent the past 20 years helping others get to be where they want to be in life by building trusting and symbolic relationships with my email list subscribers, so I have a successful track record. 

Your investment is minimal, and the benefits I deliver are many, so you’ll quickly see the value I provide, and all you have to do is put what interests you into action.

Most important of all:

You have very little to lose, but have a HUGE opportunity for gain and advancement in all aspects of your life. Knowing the potential which awaits you, can you afford not to become a subscriber and member of an elite success club?

Thanks for joining me and your time and consideration. If you have any questions, here is the link to the contact page:

I hope to speak to you again on the inside very shortly.

Your first issue will be with you almost immediately!

Laptop Lifestyle! FAQ'S (frequently Asked Questions!)

Below are the questions I am asked regularly. Just click upon them to see the answer. If you have any others please feel free to ask them by clicking here…

Absolutely it will work for you!

It’ll take you from where you are now, to exactly where you want to be in life, especially when you decide and have a strong picture of exactly where that is. I have been mentoring students of all ages, genders and circumstances for many years, and it works for ANYONE with a true desire and intention to improve their lifestyle, so it’ll also work for you.

However, if you think that just knowing and learning this technique will make things happen in your life, you’ll be disappointed. Knowing and taking action are two very different things! Professors generally know so much and possess valuable information which would quite dramatically improve their levels of wealth and lifestyle. Unfortunately, they choose to teach it, rather than acting upon it. As an old and wise saying sates: Those who can do, those who can’t teach, and those who can’t teach, well they teach teachers. Do you still want to be a professor?

You have to become an individual of positive action.

Learn and grow, then act upon your newfound knowledge and become highly proactive in assimilating it into your lifestyle, then the magic will begin to happen.

These are not so much secrets, as common-sense facts which are employed by all successful achievers in life. You don’t have to act upon everything, but you should carefully consider it and what difference it could make to your life. The more you master, the greater your success will be, so never give up.

Your success might begin happening immediately, or it could take a while. Just remember it’s not a race.  Generally, your levels of knowledge and motivation will begin to swell and grow until you’re confident enough to start making it happen. I promise you’ll make a few mistakes and failures along the way, perhaps lots of them. We all do, so embrace them for what they are, learning curves which need to be mastered, and which take us forward.

If you stay loyal and focused upon your goals, and what it is you want to achieve in life. Then I promise you that the ‘Laptop Lifestyle Newsletter’ will dramatically improve all aspects of your life.

Remember, never give up!

Then cancel your subscription, it’s that simple!

The ‘Laptop Lifestyle Newsletter’ certainly won’t be for everyone.

If you’re unclear what it is you want to achieve in your life, then things will become confusing and frustrating until your reverse this situation. One of the reasons for making this a newsletter rather than a membership site is it will constantly motivate and feed you with new ideas, inspirations and possibilities. So, don’t give up to soon as every week you’ll be exposed to many new concepts and ideas. The spark which ignites your passions and interest to launch a profitable new income stream may still be a few issues away from landing in your inbox, but it will arrive.

However, if you’re impatient, give up easily, or don’t have the stamina to master new skills, then it probably won’t be for you, and you’re free to unsubscribe at any time. All you have to do is cancel your payments and you won’t be recharged.

Absolutely you can!

If you presently have a job which provides your income and puts the bacon on the table, this is exactly what I encourage you to do, and progress is likely to be swift.

You’ll hear me constantly repeat that success is not a race, and that patience is a true virtue!

Whatever you choose to do, I suggest that you treat it like a new hobby or interest to begin with, and every day you’ll learn something new. Get it up and running as well as making it profitable before you consider scaling it up and giving up the boss, daily grind, and needless commute to work.

Just start slowly, make a few mistakes, learn from them and get your project making money as soon as possible. Some individuals, just like me, have many projects and money streams, all dropping regular income into their bank accounts. Some income streams are quick and easy to get established, others are monsters and you need to be selective. Like all things, you need to learn to stand before you can walk, and then walk proficiently before you can run. So, I suggest you start small and build it out from that point forward.

Most weeks, in addition to methods and considerations which will improve all aspects of your life.  I’ll also share with you new methods of establishing new profit streams.

For most new students and beginners, it’s about finding something they enjoy doing first and foremost, and then finding the potential and how to make money from doing it. You can make money from most things if you do them correctly. This I promise will be a fun learning curve and the most rewarding of activities.

This is very much a how long is a piece of string type question, and the simple answer is: as much time as you can spare! If you choose improvements and projects you enjoy doing working upon, then it will never be a task or difficult, because you’re simply investing into your future levels of happiness and lifestyle.

The first few steps of any journey are always the most difficult, but it rapidly gets easier.

In the beginning there may be many new actions and skills to learn and master, and habits to develop. You need to be aware of this, but once they’re mastered, congratulations, they’re yours for life, and will go on paying you in many ways for many years to come. Every bad habit you improve or replace with a new self-serving one, will take you a giant step closer to your objective and reaching that point where you want to be in life. Just commit to improving or developing at least one new habit per month, which is quite easy. A year from now you’ll be a different, more positive person, and I promise, a lot closer to where you want to be in life.

Just be persistent and stay forward focused on your goals.

One day, quite soon, you’ll look back over your shoulder and be amazed and proud of just how far you have come in life. Anyone can choose to work upon any or all aspects of improvement in their lives, MOST won’t, leaving you belonging to the very elite 3% achievers club in life.

Imagine how this’ll make you feel, and how proud your family will be of you?

It depends on how much you want to spend.

I’ll constantly suggest books and business ideas and projects I feel that you’ll benefit from reading and learning more about, (that’s my job) but it’s up to you if you purchase them or not! Books are a great and very inexpensive way of multiplying your knowledge, which can quickly be converted into income streams.

If you’re smart, starting your own work from home business has a way of fitting all budgets and if money is tight, usually a free or inexpensive solution can be found to get you started. I’ll be sharing all the tricks and tips I use to keep costs low. Right now, you most probably already have access to most of what you need to get started.

As a real-life example, to this question, let me give you an idea how much it cost me to start the ‘Laptop Lifestyle Newsletter’ you probably think it was a lot, WRONG!

First, I required a static sales platform to build subscribers, so I decided upon a simple website, although I could have used a free face book page. Hosting costs me $134, for three years hosting of not one, but all nine of my websites. My URL (website name): cost $12 per year, and I used Elementor Pro page builder to construct the site. However, you could use the free plugin version if you wish. To take payment I use PayPal, and my email autoresponder, is Mailer Lite, which is free for your first 1,000 subscribers.

So, to getting started and become profitable has cost me under $20! Can you see the potential?

I also use a few items of more expensive software which I use to either generate higher incomes, or cuts my involvement time to a minimum, usually both. When I find a piece of software that will save me valuable time by automating the process, I learn and master it and then put it to work 24/7 as it’s a great investment.

I’ll share the software I use as we progress, but you don’t have to start out by using it.

I had many choices, and first considered using a private membership site where you get access to everything all in one go. The problem is such sites can be extremely overwhelming, and the increased upfront subscriber cost goes up dramatically.

Using email allows me to deliver easily digestible smaller bites of information on a weekly basis, which is far more likely to be used and assimilated. Smaller bites of information are always far more likely to be acted upon. My weekly newsletter provides adequate motivation, ideas and inspiration every week to get you moving and up and running quickly.

Email is also very convenient and can be dipped into on any Internet connected devise when subscribes have a few spare minutes. The email reads just as well on your smart phone screen as it will on your tablet or computer.

While planning this resource, an important factor was the end cost, and by using email the small monthly cost becomes inconsequential and affordable to all.

Yes, you can, however, you may get ahead of yourself, and what I mean by that is, your question may be a topic or subject I have planned and will be answering in an upcoming issue of the ‘Laptop Lifestyle Newsletter’, but I’ll notify you if it is.

In every issue, I aim to answer at least one-member question from which we can all benefit.

As a special member resource, I will be building a FAQ (frequently asked questions) drop-down section, just like this one. Here I will be adding and answering those questions which get asked frequently, along with solutions to overcoming most common problems you may encounter, so always check here first to see if your question has already been asked.

This is one of my favourite subjects, and there are many reasons why, but to keep it brief.

The two main ones are where someone fails to follow a tried and tested plan, or that they lack confidence in their ability. This is where the ‘Laptop Lifestyle Newsletter’ will help you succeed while others crash and burn.

You’ll be exposed to many potential income stream ideas and possibilities which you can prune and adapt to suit your own very personal set of circumstances and requirements. You will know for certain that others have been successful using them, and that you can be successful as well. This will increase your self-confidence and multiply your chances of being highly successful.

When I was younger, I studied carefully individuals and businesses ideas in other areas of the country, and then did the same thing, similar or even better (it’s easy to improve anything) in my own area. The dramatic failures I experienced always occurred when I pioneered something new without a successful business model to act as my beacon or inspiration.

You’ll also benefit from the responses I provide to the questions of other subscribers.