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"Living your life on your terms!"

Developing the perfect life will be different for every one of us, and my grocery list of ideal life desires was simple to understand.

For a short time, and to please my parents, I tried to hold down a job, which I enjoyed doing. It was the boss and the toxic people with who I worked that made it unpleasant (perhaps I'm not a team player).

I had to conform and do everything by the rules, which caused both stress and resentment and stunted the positive life I was attempting to lead.

Worse still was the fact that I was working far too hard for too little reward. Back in the 70s, I was paid weekly – unfortunately VERY WEEKLY!

I was paid very weekly

I wasn't generating enough income to explore my bucket list and live the life I desired. My present job would never come close to providing the income to do the things I had really wanted to do. Neither did my job provide me enough free time to do them! 

No one else complained, or seemed dissatisfied. Was it just me who asking too much?

More importantly, could I really do this and endure daily unhappiness for the next forty years I asked myself, and the answer was immediate?


Does this sound familiar?

Enough is enough!

I soon became disillusioned with having a job and every day working towards achieving someone else's dream. I had dreams of my own which would remain just that unless I took positive, proactive action to develop my life and achieve them.

I was SO unhappy.

It didn't take me long to release I would be far better off breathing life into my own dreams, making them live, and then keeping ALL the profit for myself.


So, I left and went out on my own.

The world of making it happen, and being your own boss, was not a scary place at all.

In fact, I found it to be quite liberating, and suddenly I released my teachers and parents had been wrong. A good job was not a quality aspiration at all, but nothing more than a well-disguised fur-lined mousetrap.

It was financial quicksand, which soon sucked you down and kept you captive. A prison of your own making and your length of sentence is 100% up to you.

Nothing comes close to more than enough, and the feeling of self-reliance euphoria, which accompanies being the master of your own destiny.

The moment I resigned from my job, I felt instantly liberated.

Let's face it, if I got it wrong, there would always be another job or opportunity, but never another life. Time is our most precious and finite of commodities, so I decided to use mine wisely and that meant enjoying every moment of it, especially my work.

Armed with this powerful thought that night, and almost every night since, I have slept soundly, knowing I don't have to deal with jealous workmates or dance to anyone else's tune.

I had replaced the boss with a complete idiot – ME! …and it's been marvellous.

There are only two why you can live your life

There are only two ways to live your life!

Sorry, but I am going to tell it the way that is – BE WARNED: You may be offended.

The choice is, and always has been, 100% yours!



the road less travelled!

The road less traveled can often be the best decision

You can make the firm DECISION to live your life and lifestyle filled with happiness, abundance, and fulfilment. One, where you constantly design and sculpt your daily existence to suit you and your family's desires and requirements. This, of course, requires you to become proactive, embrace change and do what is necessary to make it happen, although it won't happen overnight.

However, every journey starts with the first step, and the sooner you get started, the sooner you will begin reaping the rewards, and progress can be rapid.

Is it easy?

Anything which is worth having is rarely easy, but I promise it's ongoing engaging fun, and extremely rewarding when you get it right.

Once you start thinking correctly (mentality is EVERYTHING) and building momentum in your life, everything becomes much easier. The first step is always the hardest, the second a little easier, and the third easier again, and so on.

Those individuals who follow this pathway become the shepherds of life, rather than being part of the flock. Obviously, the individuals who choose this pathway are very much in the minority of life because they choose to soar high above with eagles, and with those who dare.

They choose their own route and destiny in life rather than running around the confines of the farmyard with the rest of the turkeys, waiting for Thanksgiving or Christmas to arrive.



the flock mentality.

The flock mentality

This possibility is not so much a choice, as is what happens to most people when they FAIL to make choices and decisions.

I'm not saying having a job and working for a company is a bad thing. For some people, it is a perfect fit and they lead extremely happy, productive and fulfilling lifestyles of comfort and abundance – they unfortunately are the minority!

As for the majority, they ill-advisedly navigate life in a state of permanent passive mode, waiting and accepting what comes their way, and what life hands to them. By having a job, they have generally chosen to leave the responsibility of their future happiness and security in the hands of somebody else.

BIG mistake!

For MOST individuals with jobs, there is much discontentment!

They spend their life working too hard, for too little and having to do exactly what they're told and what is required by their job. Working the hours which are demanded rather than ones which suit them and their family.

Many also have to endure hours of unpaid commuting and uncertain job security. In these uncertain times of covid, your job could be gone tomorrow.

One of my well past retirement-aged friends would just love to retire, but he simply can't afford to do so! “I'll be working till I can't do so any longer, that, or I die,” he regularly complains!

This is a life of conformity, and for some people, it will be perfect.

However, if you're not 100% happy and contented, then I think you'll find what follows interesting.

This is living your life on your terms

What's is the ‘Real Laptop Lifestyle'?

First and foremost, it's about you, freedom, and leading a happy life and lifestyle. It's also about generating the income to make living your dreams possible, and the many methods of establishing enviable income streams which you'll love doing!

It's for anyone who would like to live their life on their terms.

Even if you're slightly discontented with your present circumstances, it's time to think seriously, and this opportunity needs investigating further.

It's never too late to get started, and you'll find doing so MUCH EASIER than you ever thought possible, especially with a little help.

Although it may not seem immediately obvious, the site is divided into three distinct sections.

installing the correct mentality is essential


the way you choose to think!

It may surprise you to discover that the big difference between the minority of successful achievers in any aspect of life, and everyone else, starts in your head. Your beliefs, mentality, and the way that you choose to think.

It might come as a surprise, but you, and ONLY you, choose what you think about, and what you believe.

90% of success at ANYTHING in life begins in your head, and with your mentality!

For that reason, I'll provide you with many of the simple mental adjustments to making life on your term's work, and then the magic begins to happen.

residual money streams 


bringing home the bacon!

Call me strange if you wish, but I love my work with a passion, and every morning, seven days a week, I work at it for at least a few hours.

I get up early with enthusiasm and am always keen to get started. As the old saying states – when you find a man a job he loves, he'll never work another day in his life, and I haven't it also works for women!

For the past thirty years, I've generated the majority of my income from a computer, and then the Internet arrived, and made everything go BALLISTIC!

There are MANY ways of establishing and generating either a part or full-time income from the Internet, and I'll share with you what I believe to be the best.

They can be started on almost any budget, but don't get these mixed up with get-rich-quick schemes, because they're not! In fact, the fastest way of going broke is by trying to get rich quick.

By contrast, these are very legitimate, tried tested and proven methods of generating an ongoing and online income stream. Anyone can master them so long as they are committed to doing so, and aren't shy of a little hard work, as well as never giving up.

Not all online income streams are residual, and there are lots of opportunities you could begin immediately.

The best way of staying notified of these opportunities is by joining my mail list and I'll keep you informed, entertained and educated.

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how to make it happen!

There are many ways of achieving almost anything when your work is generating online income streams!

Some are fun and effective, while others are difficult and a total waste of time.

In this section, I'll show you which is which. I'll also introduce you to all the tools and software which I use that make everything fun and far simpler.

Are they expensive?

Not really, especially when you discover that they're likely to help you become twice as productive, in a third of the time, then they become very cheap and must-have tools.

Just compare the cost of generating an online income from the comfort of your own home, or for that matter, from anywhere in the world you choose, to that of a traditional brick and mortar business. 

Then you'll realise that these tools, methods and techniques are a gift.

For a fraction of the setup cost, you can develop and create an ongoing income stream that is greater, or in excess of that of a traditional business. If you ever come to sell it, then the end sale price of your business is likely to also be FAR greater.

All you have to do to get started is have the true desire, determination and resolve to never give up till you make it work.


How to live the life of your dreams

For an introduction page, I have already gone on too long, so please forgive me.

I only recently started reconstructing this site, so you will notice ongoing changes and additions being added.

If you would like to ask any laptop lifestyle-related questions, it would truly be my privilege to answer them for you. The best way of asking them is to join my Facebook group at: and then asking them via Facebook messenger.

Thank you for your time and consideration – I hope to speak to you again very shortly.